English page

Read carefully this page to know the usage and the utility of this site

How can you use this site? Mainly in two ways:

  • as a site that suggests every day most beautiful games that I find in the web; you can play these games just clicking on the “Try” button, and, if you want, you can also rate the games and comment them
  • as a site where you can download the flash games as they’ve been created (a .swf or .dcr file), in order to play them offline; this is the main purpose of this site.

Why would you want to download flash games and play them offline? Because it bring many advantages:

  1. no loading time
  2. no advertisements
  3. no pop-up windows
  4. ability to create a personal archive of flash games, that you can quickly open in your computer
  5. ability to play flash games also when Internet isn’t activated

Ok, now you want to download the games from my site to play them offline, but how can you do it? It’s very simple, and it’s possible for Mac users, Windows users and probably also for Linux users (but unfortunately I don’t know how).
If you are a Windows user it’s enough to use the great browser Mozilla Firefox (similar to Internet Explorer, but more beautiful and sure): once downloaded the game’s file from my site (simply by clicking the “Download” button), you just have to open it with Firefox, and the game will start.
If you are a Mac user you can use the same method of Windows (using Firefox) or run a free software made to play flash games offline: iSwiff. Also with this application, you just have to open the file downloaded from my site, and the game will start!Great! Now you have all the basic informations you need to use my site: but, if you’ll read these few words too, you will use it better.Since I am too busy to create an English version for the entire site, I wrote this page so that you’re able to use my site simply following these few instructions:

  • the main page collects all the recensions of the games, and the related links to try and download every game. Each game is also presented by an image taken during the game (what you see is exactly the game graphic): the games are hosted by a site, Mediafire, that scans all files for virus, so that you can be sure that there isn’t danger for your computer
  • every post presents a rating system (1stellina= minimum rate, 5stelline= maximum rate) and a comment page where you can write what you want (not useless and stupid offences, of course): I would be pleased by this. If you have suggestions, if you want me to add a game you like, or if you need informations you can also send me an e-mail from this page of the site; I will reply!
  • language isn’t a big problem: the names of the categories and the “Try” and “Download” buttons are in English, and you can easily translate the entire site in English and French from the respective flags on the sidebar

What else? I can only wish you a good navigation!!!